10 Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs in the World

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1. White cliffs of Etretat, English Channel, France

The famous White Cliffs of Étretat including the world famous three natural arches and even more famous 50-meter-high needle-shaped formation are not the ordinary rock formation but an inspiration to artists such as Claude Monet, Eugène Boudin, and Gustave Courbet.

Located in next to the fishing hamlet of Étretat, Upper Normandy in northern France, the cliffs are as dramatic as nature can get. Nearly 70 meters high with a sheer drop into the English Channel and white in color due to chalk and limestone formations, the cliffs form a spectacular landscape.

White cliffs of Etretat and colorful fishing boats ashore of English Channel. Etretat, France | 10 Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs in the World

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