10 Little Towns in France you Need to Visit Now!

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2. Mont Saint Michel

Yet another fairytale town in the country rising from the sea with all its panache and the slender spires, Mont Saint Michel presents one of the most iconic images of France. Defined by the stout ramparts and rocky slopes, Mont St-Michel holds strategic fortifications and has also been a seat of a monastery since ancient times. This lovely little town draws its name from the monastery itself.

With a countable number of inhabitants (44 as on 2009) but hosting to nearly 3 million people every year, Mont St-Michel and its bay are regarded as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The bay around it is known for the highest tidal variations in Europe with high and low tide barely six hours apart.

Scenic view of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy | 10 little towns in France you need to visit Now!

Scenic view of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy / Copyrighy canadastock

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