10 Breathtaking Fjords Of The World

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9. Misty Fjords, Alaska, USA

Located on the southern tip of the Alaska Panhandle, Misty Fjords is actually a wild and very remote National Monument. Many argue that this is the most original and simultaneously one of the most beautiful fjords in the world; nevertheless, there is no arguing tastes – while the former is questionable, the latter is most definitely accurate. You won’t see any cruise ships here, though; it’s impossible to navigate the steep-walled, narrow passageways. On the other hand, sea kayaking opportunities are exquisite at Misty Fjords, even though they are often challenging due to the frequent storms and high tides.

Misty Fjords, Alaska, USA | 10 Breathtaking Fjords Of The World

Misty Fjords, Alaska, USA / Copyright Ami Parikh

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